I love to read, and I've been wanting to share some good books here on the blog so I thought it was about time I started.  The first book I read on my new iPad Mini was Daring Greatly by Dr. Brené Brown.  My meditation instructor recommended her books to me back in February, and at that time I will admit that I had never heard of Brené Brown.  I had quite a list of books that I wanted to read, and I finally made it to Daring Greatly about a month ago.  

Perhaps you are familiar with Brené Brown's work, but just in case I'll give you a bit of an overview.  Brené Brown has a Master's degree and Ph.D. in Social Work, and is a research professor at the University of Houston.  For the past 10 years she has been conducting research on courage, shame and vulernability.  In 2010 she gave a TEDx talk that was video recorded, and the video soon went viral online (it currently has over 10 million views!!!!!).  I highly recommend you watch the video of her TEDx talk - It's a great introduction to her findings in her research on vulnerability.  I watched her TEDx talk and I immediatly knew I wanted to read some of her books - Her research is so facinating.  I think when I refer to it as "research" it sounds a bit dry and perhaps stuffy, but in fact it's very much the opposite.  In Daring Greatly, Brené Brown talks in depth about her research that has found that embracing our own imperfections, and the imperfections of those around us, can change our lives in a positive way.  All human beings struggle with what they may consider to be imperfections - And we can choose to cover up or hide those imperfections or we can embrace them.  By being courageous and vulnerable, and by letting our whole, true selves (imperfections and all) be seen, we can lead much happier lives.  As humans we are all "perfectly imperfect," and "daring greatly" to act with courage and vulnerability can only lead us to further happiness and connections with those in our lives.

Daring Greatly really hit home for me, and I think almost anyone would find the same.  We all put pressure on ourselves and strive to meet our own expectations in life.  I mean, this is something that I know I do, myself.  We tend to feel as if we have failed or feel ashamed if we don't meet these expectations.  By realizing that perfection is not something that is attainable in life, and that we can never predict the outcomes or where life will take us.  This last part is something that I have been struggling with a bit in my own life.  But, by realizing that this idea of perfection is just that, an idea, has really helped me to stay more present in my life and be accepting of whatever life throws at me (the good and the bad).  Daring Greatly was a wonderful read and is applicable to all our lives - I highly recommend it!   ▲

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  1. this summer when I went on my leave from work, Brene Brown was a name that kept popping up - I watched her TEDx video and it resonated with me 100%. I think I should see if my library has this book. xo

    1. I loved her TEDx video too! I was hooked and had to get this book right away. I highly recommend this book - I think you would really, really like this one, Sara. I know from your blog you are heading down an exciting but new career path and I think this book would probably really resonate with you for where you are at right now. :)