Lots of my friends are having babies these days, and I just love shopping for clothes for all the little ones.  They are just so cute!  Lately all my friends seem to be having little girls, but I can't complain - I really enjoy looking at all the little girly clothes to pick out gifts.  I thought I'd start a blog series about style for little ones - Thus, the title, Tiny Style.  This outfit pictured above is one that I picked out for little Miss B who is having her 1st birthday party soon.  I couldn't resist the adorable kitty top and tiny leggings (I guess they are jeggings) from Joe Fresh (purchased at Superstore).  I love the Joe Fresh kids clothes - They have such a great selection and everything is functional and stylish!  The "Ahoy Cutie" sweatshirt was $14 and the jeggings were $8 (photos taken by me).  I think this will be a cute outfit for Miss B to wear this fall. ▲   


  1. We are HUGE fans of Joe fresh over here. Alice has the pink version of that sweater!

    1. I saw the pink version of that sweater, Christine, and it's super cute, too! It's always so hard to choose kids clothes at Joe Fresh because they are all so adorable I usually have the urge to go overboard and buy them all! :)