This is my kitty, Little Muffin.  Her name is actually Cadence but I like to call her Little Muffin because she's such a tiny kitty.  Sometimes I just call her Muffy for short.  I adopted her from a friend about a year and a half ago and I just love her so much.  I had never had my own pet before I got her, and having her has enriched my life beyond what I thought was possible.  Little Muffin is blind in her left eye, but it doesn't affect her at all - She loves to explore, go for walks outside on her leash and play chase with her little mice around the house.  And she LOVES to snuggle. If I am lying on the couch or on my bed she always crawls right on top of me to be petted and have her belly rubbed, like in this photo.

Little Muffin was very sick last year, and the vet told me at that time that she only had about a 30% chance of pulling through.  It was terrible - I had only had her about six months but I already loved her so much that the thought of her being gone was awful to think about.  But thankfully with lots of amazing care at the vet, and lots of patience and love here at home, she pulled through.  Every day we have together is a gift, so I make sure that I always give her lots of love and enjoy every moment we have together.   ♥

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