Old Faithful Shop is located in the Gas Town district of Vancouver, B.C. and views itself as a modern version of the typical general store that would have existed there over 100 years ago.  They carry classic, quality goods for simple living.  I stumbled on their online shop a few weeks ago, and I instantly knew I wanted to post about it here on the blog.  They have some amazing goods for your pantry, your home and a pretty sweet selection of magazines.  I placed an online order and I just received my package on Friday.  They even included a little chocolate treat with my order - I'll never turn down free chocolate!  I will be talking about my order an an upcoming blog post, so stay tuned for a bit about that!  No, I didn't order the Large Cube Terrarium by Score + Solder (pictured above) but a girl can dream, can't she?  I'd pretty much take anyone of these terrariums from Old Faithful Shop - they are all amazing!  Check out Old Faithful Shop online, or visit in person if you are in Vancouver.  ▲

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Terrarium photo: Old Faithful Shop 


  1. I'm just loving terrariums lately!! They're so beautiful. I'm hoping to either buy or make one this summer. I've heard of Old Faithful Shop on other blogs and in magazines, but have never been. I didn't know they had an online shop. Can't wait to see what you purchased and now, I'm off to check out their site. Cheers!

  2. I totally have a terrarium obsession right now...and succulent obsession. Definitely check out the Old Faithful Online shop - I'm sure you will find an item (or 10) to covet!