Hi all!  The trees are finally starting to bud, grow leaves and even sprout some flowers here in Winnipeg.  After a winter that seemed like it would never end, it seems that spring is finally here!  Now if only it would stop raining so we could spend some more time outside!

This past week I was totally on cloud nine as Room for Happiness was featured on Pugly Pixel!!!!  Katrina of Pugly Pixel is one of my favourite bloggers, and I was so honoured to be featured in one of her Launched posts with so many amazing blogs.  Be sure to check out some of the other wonderful blogs mentioned in the Launched post. 

I wanted to share a little round-up of some links to various things I am loving online this week.  Here we go!...

▲  Fanfair is a wicked blog by Sarah Ilene, a fellow CSS Pretty e-Course alum from Sydney, Australia.  Sarah and I connected on Twitter after being mentioned on Pugly Pixel and her blog is beautiful.  Fanfair is all about having fun, fashion finds and delicious looking cake - what more could you really want!?!?

▲  SillyGrrl is a blog I recently discovered, and blog author, Sarah (lots of amazing Sarahs this week!) is a freelance designer, blogger and aerialist in the circus.  In the freaking circus!!!!!!  SO very cool.  Sarah offers blogging tips, inspiration and she also has an Etsy shop with some beautiful Blogger and Wordpress templates for sale.  Check out her blog - it's so unique and I'm loving it!

▲  I totally need to make these delicious looking cheesy biscuits.  Or better yet, convince someone else to make them for me!

▲  This New York Times article talks a bit about planning for your digital afterlife. (Found via Pugly Pixel.) 

▲  Oh So Beautiful Paper has been doing an amazing re-cap of the National Stationery Show that took place in New York.  There are 9 posts of some of the prettiest stationery you have ever seen!  You can start with part 1 by clicking here.  I have promised myself that one day I will get to the National Stationery Show.  It will happen, you mark my words!

I hope to make Lovely Links a regular series each week so will be coming at ya with more links and some more new posts next week!   Enjoy the weekend!  ▲    


  1. Thanks for sharing my blog link!

  2. Thanks so much for visiting, Sarah! I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving it - it's so unique! Thanks for sharing your original perspective on blogging. :)

  3. The National Stationery Show round-ups that were featured on different blogs looked fun to live vicariously through them!

  4. Oh totally - I always look at all the posts from the NSS and drool over the pretty paper. It is totally on my "bucket list" to get to the NSS one day. :)