Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is one of the beauty products I just can't live without.  I heard a few years ago that every makeup artist has a tube of Eight Hour Cream in their makeup kit.  So, being the product hoarder that I sometimes am, of course I had to pick up a tube to see what all the fuss was about.

Although it is called Eight Hour Cream, the consistency is more like that of a thick salve or lip gloss, and it has a very light, peach coloured tint.  Also, the scent is a bit medicinal, but they also make a fragrance-free version, if you prefer.  Since I wasn't sure exactly what to use it for at first, I tried the Eight Hour Cream as a lip balm...And I was instantly hooked!  It is probably the best out there in terms of keeping my lips moisturized.  I've tried a zillion lip balms over the years (I'm a bit of a lip balm/chap stick addict) and I always come back to this as my favourite as it always does a great job.  It's moisturizing, not sticky and I love how the tiny bit of peach tint looks on my lips.  The best part is that the Eight Hour Cream has a ton of other uses - It's so versatile!  You can use it as a skin protector to moisturize chapped skin, to help speed healing of cuts and scrapes, as a cuticle conditioner, or even to add shine to eyelids and cheekbones.  I can say from experience that it works great on cuts and scrapes.  I had a bike accident back in July which resulted in falling and smashing my face into the handle bars (it fucking hurt like hell).  By some miracle I escaped with only a bruised face and a small, deep cut under my nose.  I put some Eight Hour Cream on the cut every night before bed and it was healed in no time!  The Elizabeth Arden website lists other ways to use this cream, but you can always come up with your own, too.  Anyways, ever since my first purchase of the Eight Hour Cream I don't go anywhere without it.  I have tube in my bathroom, one on my coffee table and another mini-sized one in my purse!  It's definitely one of the things I would want if I should ever be stranded on a deserted island - One of my absolute favourites! ▲

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Image:  Elizabeth Arden Website


  1. Thanks for posting about this, I have seen it at winner for cheaper than normal and was wondering about it. I am almost out of my usual night time lip balm and this may be a better multi use product! I am loving the new banner (liked the old one too) what font is it?

    1. It is totally such a multi-purpose product - And the tube is huge! Even for the retail price you get a ton of product - I mean, it's almost the same price as a high end lip gloss and you get about 25 times the product. Actually, I've seen it at Winners and Home Sense too - Sometimes you can even find a gift set at there with a the Eight Hour Cream along with some other products in it for a good deal so it's worth looking there to see if they have any in stock.

      And glad you like the new banner - I'm not 100% satisfied with it yet but I love the font too. It is called Jacques & Gilles by Emily Lime (from MyFonts.com). :)