I mentioned I`ve been buying a lot of gifts for little ones lately.  I picked up this book to go along with the outfit I bought for Miss B for her 1st birthday called I Can Do It Myself! by Stephen Krensky which was illustrated by Sara Gillingham.  There are actually three books in this series by Stephen Krensky which are for ages 2-4, and I`ve bought them for other friend`s kids in the past, too.  I am just so obsessed with the wonderful illustrations by Sara Gillingham - They look like they have been letterpressed!  The book itself has pages that are all made of hard board, so it`s perfect for toddlers as the pages won`t get crumpled.  Here are a few more pics from inside I Can Do It Myself!...

The other two books in this series by Stephen Krensky with more amazing letterpress-style illustrations from Sara Gillingham are called Now I Am Big! and I Know A Lot!  Besides the bold, colourful illustrations each book has a great story and message for little ones.  ▲

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