Happy Friday, all!  I thought I`d just share some links to things I`ve found around the web that I`ve been enjoying lately...

▲ A great blog called Love from Ginger - Rachel shares some neat DIYs, free printables and even some beautiful free stock photos!  Her Back to School Lunch Buddies are adorable, free printable notes you can fold to put in your kid`s lunches!  I`d love to find one of these in my lunch - I guess they are big kid approved, too.  :) 

▲ Anabela at Fieldguided created a guide to her Toronto - There are some great spots listed on there!  I`ve spent quite a bit of time in Toronto, but I am definitely going to use this list next time I get the chance to visit as there a ton more places on her list that I want to check out.  If you are going to be visiting Toronto then you definitely want to check out this guide.

▲ Amy at A Design Dock shared these photos of the most amazing vintage shop in Saskatoon called Hidden I want to go there!

▲ I shared a DIY Kate Spade Inspired necklace earlier this week...It takes all of 15 mins to make it and you can do it for less than $5!  I wore my necklace last night and I love it!

▲ I want to eat all the food in The Big Brunch menu post over at Call Me Cupcake - Especially those blueberry lemon waffles!!!!  I seriously almost licked the screen of my iPad when I saw the photos of those waffles topped with the icing sugar and berries.  Man, I love breakfast and brunch food.  Maybe I can find someone who is a good cook to make those waffles for me.  I have a bit of a waffle obsession right now...If you happen know of any good places for waffles in or around Winnipeg then please let me know! My go-to waffle spot was a restaurant called Paladin which very sadly burned down a few years I`m on the hunt for a new place to get delicious waffles. (Link found via Blog Milk.)

And a couple links just for those in and around Winnipeg this coming weekend...

▲ Summer seems to have returned and the weather is supposed to be amazing this weekend.  So get yo` butt down to Old Market Square for MEME (the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition).  Amazing DJ`s at The Cube stage for free!!!!  There`s also beer gardens and usually some food trucks, or you can hit up a restaurant in The Exchange to eat.  Every year MEME seems to be growing and it`s so wonderful to see more and more people coming out for it.  Also, lots of club shows going on too, so hit up the MEME website for event info.  I`m excited to see lots of friends that I haven`t seen for a while down at Old Market Square - Can`t wait to catch up!

▲ If you are heading to MEME this weekend then Kendra Jones, Artistic Director of Impel Theatre, is premiering an audio-theatre installation called The First Time tonight, Friday, night starting at 7:30 pm.  I think Kendra is the best person to explain all about how it works, so you can visit her blog to get all the details.  Even if you can`t make it on Friday you can still experience it any time during the MEME festival.   

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! ▲


  1.'re such a sweetheart! Thanks for the love - have a great weekend Sara!

    1. My pleasure - Thanks for stopping by, Rachel! I really am enjoying your blog, so thanks for sharing all your amazing resources there! :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my blog post, Sara! I am tickled pink. Hiddenstitch really was every bit as darling as it seemed. I hope you get a chance to check it out. ; )

    1. I loved your photos, Amy! Definitely such a cute vintage place and I do hope that I get a chance to get there some time, for sure! :)