I recently discovered New York Artist Paula Hayes and I am completely infatuated with her work.  Ms. Hayes creates works in glass that bring nature into urban environments to connect people directly with plant life.  Her most famous works are large (5 feet tall) hand blown glass terrariums, which she makes and fills with succulents, quartz, mica, gold powder, earth pigments, glass beads and recycled glass.  One can't help be facinated by the tiny living enviroments Ms. Hayes creates in these large glass vessles, and see the love and care she puts into her work.

Ms. Hayes has exhibited her living installations at various galleries world wide, including the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  Here are a few more photos of her amazing work...

"Giant Terrarium GT02" (2009) (Pictured above, as well):

"Land Mine" at Lever House, New York City (2011 - 2012):  This installation included tropical plants and a salt-water aquarium featuring a living coral reef, fish and other invertebrates.

"Nocturne Of The Limax Maximus" at Museum of Modern Art, New York City (2010-2011):

 "Dish Gardens" (2007):

You can read more about Paula Hayes and see even more of her phenomenal work on her website. ▲

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Found via Frame magazine, issue #92
Photos: Paula