I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  This weekend I wanted to get out and enjoy the nice weather so I decided to check out Cool Gardens at The Forks.  Cool Gardens is a series of public art installations all within walking distance of The Forks.  I heard about Cool Gardens from the Winnipeg Design Festival on Twitter and I have been wanting to check it out ever since it was announced.  I'm glad I went - It was such a  warm sunny day and perfect for getting out for a walk.

Cool Gardens were, well, pretty darn cool.  They were really interesting to explore and they certainly added pops of colour and a bit of a modern twist to the natural areas around The Forks.  It was also nice to see lots of other folks who were just out for a stroll passing by and seeing each Garden and pausing to take a look out of interest.  The Garden pictured above is called "Cool Dot", and I think it was my favourite of them all.  Here are a few more photos of some of the other Cool Gardens, and if you are in Winnipeg I encourage you to pick a nice day to head down to The Forks and check them out yourself.


"Blue Stick Garden"


"100 Elms"

There is actually one Garden I didn't get a chance to photograph called "Carrousel" so might have to go back for another walk through the Cool Gardens sometime soon - It runs until September 21st, 2013.  For more information on each Garden you can click the titles above or visit the Cool Gardens website.  ▲

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