Hello, friends!  This is the first post of a new blog series called "Following."  Each "Following" post will feature an individual, company or group that I have followed on various social media sites.  I hope that you will enjoy some of these as much as I do and might like to follow these individuals, too!  To begin this new series I will start with Seb Lester.   Seb Lester is a type desginer, illustrator and artist based in the UK.  His clients have included Apple, Nike, Ikea, Victoria Secret, Cadbury and Red Bull.  He has a love of calligraphy and a passion for letterforms which is showcased on his website.  On Instgram he shares snapshots of his sketchbook where he practices his beautiful hand-lettering craft.  His classic calligraphy style contrasted by the cheeky messages he writes made me giggle. Having a foul mouth myself I can't help but appreciate Seb Lester's wit and talent.  Follow him on Instagram for a dose of tounge-in-cheek humor and amazing design.  ▲

△ △ △
Photos: @seblester on Instagram
Found via Miss Moss

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