I've been visiting a lot of garden centres around the city lately.  The beautiful flowers, the lush green plants, the succulents…What's not to love about summer at the garden centre?!  Today I visited St. Mary's Nursery & Garden Centre and snapped some photos.  Here are some of my favourite shots from my visit at St. Mary's Nursery…

 photo 140619SQS-1561_zps61ef4f92.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1562_zpse41eeb9f.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1561_zps61ef4f92.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1510_zpsd530ff10.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1558_zpse3a5e889.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1545_zpsa480312f.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1507_zps0e096c80.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1554_zpsd469673c.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1498_zpscaaf6ab5.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1500_zps13ec648f.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1508_zps6fee0e02.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1530_zps8808b85f.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1529_zpse81d3886.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1548_zps1d029553.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1480_zps32c732bf.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1481_zpsf6d30aa0.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1535_zps36ebef78.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1539_zps2963f6c0.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1537_zpsa90e2f4a.jpg
 photo 140619SQS-1534_zpsa184f426.jpg

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Photos edited with VSCO Film 01 for Adobe Lightroom 5 (Portra 800)


  1. When I went to Shelmerdines for the first time this year I almost died. St. Mary's looks like it has a better select of succulents. I picked up a baby aloe plant and have been pretty good at not buying more plants than I can handle. The peonies in my yard are almost ready to bloom so I will have flower overload shortly! Amazing photos.

    1. Aw, thanks, Daphne - I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! I still can't get enough of succulents…I still love them and if I could some how find a way to get paid to photograph succulents all day, I'd be a very happy gal. :)

      And, I LOVE Shelmerdines, too! I actually *might* have an upcoming Shelmerdines post in the works, as well. :) I try not to buy plants (mostly because I have a black thumb) but I always love the gift shops at garden centres and always end up spending too much money on clothes or other fun things I find there.

  2. I have such fond memories of visits to St. Mary's nursery with my Mom. It was an annual past-time of ours when I was in my late teens / early twenties. We haven't done it since my parents moved further southwest, but it would sure be fun to pick up the tradition again.

    1. I used to always go to the garden centres with my Mom, too! My mom loves her gardens…Somehow I didn't inherit that gene though…I've tried keeping succulents and air plants at home but they didn't last long. I think I don't have enough light in my place…That and I guess you also have to water plants to keep them alive. Who knew?!?!?! :P

  3. omg!!! now i wanna go there!! i need succulents!!! :D

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    1. They have AMAZING succulents - Seriously, I could photograph succulents every day and not get enough of them!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)