Now that I'm spending quite a bit of time outside taking photographs I needed to invest in some more warm sweaters and hoodies.  I picked up a black Atlantic Hoodie by TNA at Aritzia a couple of weeks ago.  It's funny - I've looked at these hoodies a few times over the years (as it seems to be a style they have all the time,) but never bought one until now.  Well I'm glad I did - It is the warmest hoodie I own.  It's thick, fuzzy inside and I love the longer length in the body so it doesn't ride up.  I love it so much I went back and bought a second one in green, which I love almost even more than my black one.  It's a really lovely forest green, which is not a colour I would usually choose, but I was so drawn to it that I had to buy it.  Since it's getting quite cold here you definitely need a heavier layer underneath your jacket, and these hoodies have been perfect for keeping warm when I am outdoors for 4-5 hours taking photos for school assignments.  I wear these a few times each week, and I will admit that I've been thinking of adding a grey one to my happy Atlantic Hoodie family.


  1. Good to know there is a hoodie that's longer Sara! I am tall and always have that riding up issue which makes it extra cold!

  2. just dropping by to say "hey!" to a fellow winnipegger! :)