I stumbled on this awesome Etsy shop called Boy-Girl Tees, and they have the most adorable planters for air plants!  I'm a huge fan of air plants, mostly because they seem to be the only type of plant that I can keep alive.  I kind of have a "black thumb" and pretty much kill any plant that comes into my possession...I had some succulents this spring, but they are loooong dead, unfortunately.  Anyways, I'm loving these colourful dinasour and animal air planters from Boy-Girl Tees, and might have to pick one of these babies up some time.  They also have some really cute, colourful, vintage milk vases and tea towels you might want to check out, too. 

Also, if you are as much of a fan of air plants as I am then stay tuned as I have a DIY post I hope to get together involving air plants...Hopefully my idea works out so I can share that with you soon! ▲

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Dinasour planter photo from Boy-Girl Tees on Etsy


  1. We just got a bunch of air plants from my mother-in-law and I love them! So simple, and they look so futuristic (or prehistoric, I can't decide which). I'd love to see a DIY post for air plants! X Jane

    1. Hi Jane! Air plants are awesome, aren't they? And I agree with you - they are modern and at the same time there is something prehistoric about them. I hope to have my air plant idea coming soon! :)