Hellooooo!  I have been absent from these parts longer than I wanted to be.  I am blaming a chronic case of Photoshop rage for this absence.  I mean, I'm pretty slow at Photoshop as it is...but couple that with the fact that my old laptop just runs the damn program soooo freakin' slow means that it takes me a lot of energy to be able to make up a post.  Thankfully a brand spakin' new laptop is in my near future, along with an updated version of Photoshop, so I'm counting down the days until I can Photoshop my little heart out with no issues (other than my own lack of knowledge, of course).

I've been wanting to do another typography post for a while as I've been finding lots of really cool fonts lately.  I will admit that I'm totally into geometric, modern typefaces - I know it's a fad, but I'm totally into it.  I was browsing MyFonts when I saw this beauty, Electro, and I immediately I thought of this Green Velvet song from years back called "Shake and Pop."  The lyrics above are from "Shake and Pop" and that song immediately brings back fond memories of dancing with friends until the sun comes up.  Anyways, if you want to add Electro to your font collection you can purchase it from MyFonts here.  ▲


  1. This is so fun. Absoluely love it. I love getting into "fads" like this. It's totally the place to do it, because it's not really going to cost you anything to invest in it. So it really doesn't matter if it's short lived. ;)

    1. Awww, thanks, Amy! Fonts are definitely fun - I seem to spend more time than I'd like to admit browsing through them to find new neat ones to share. :)

  2. I love it, I feel like this is a lyric that should be danced to...I also love the techno vibe ;)