A little known fact about me is that I collect greeting cards.  I have a special box where I store all the beautiful cards that I find at various shops and craft sales.  Greeting cards are little pieces of art, and sometimes, if I find a really good card to buy for a friend, I buy one to give away and one to keep in my collection.  I love letterpress cards in particular, but they are hard to come by here in Winnipeg.  Last Fall I picked up the two cards picutred above - they are by Fugu Fugu Press.  They were just so adorable I knew they had to come home with me and become part of my collection!  At that time I had not heard of Fugu Fugu Press but as soon as I got home I found their website to read a bit about them.

Fugu Fugu Press is a letterpress print shop started in 2008 and is based in Altadena, California.  I looked at quite a few cards on their website, and there were so many cute ones - I knew I wanted to find some more!  Since I picked up these two birthday cards, I haven't found any more Fugu Fugu Press cards in Winnipeg.  I knew that I might be able to find quite a few letterpress gems on my trip to San Francisco, since there are quite a few letterpress companies based in California.  While on my trip to SF I found a neat little shop called Lola of North Beach on Grant Avenue.  Lola has an amazing selection of cards - pretty much two full walls of the store are lined with greeting cards on display for every possible occasion.  I bought two new, cute Fugu Fugu Press cards from Lola:

One of my favourite things about Fugu Fugu Press cards is that the paper is so thick, and the press is so deep on the images.  The paper is nicely indented from the press giving it an amazing texture that feels lovely to the touch when you run your fingers over the surface of the card.  Now I have four Fugu Fugu Press cards in my collection - love them!  Thankfully Fugu Fugu Press has a website and I can always order online if I need a Fugu Fugu fix. ▲

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