When I was making the Elizabeth Taylor image for my last Addicted to Typography post I got to thinking about Twiggy, for some reason.  Not that they are alike at all, just that for some reason Twiggy popped into my head.  I was thinking about the first time I heard of the mod teen model from the 60's.  I remember something from an old Seventeen magazine (or perhaps it was a YM magazine?), I read in high school that did a feature on Twiggy and I thought she was pretty cool.  Keep in mind that when I was in high school that was when grunge was all the rage so Twiggy's style was pretty far from the current fashion trends.  I wanted to find a cool font to go with this Twiggy image I created in Photoshop and my mind wandered to Stereofidelic from My Fonts.  Stereofidelic is a fun retro font with arrow alternates and letters that are shuffled so the type almost seems to dance on the page.  Best part - it's a free font from My Fonts.

And just a note to let you know that I am literally going out the door right now to San Francisco!!!  I am so excited I can't wait to get there!  I hope to post from there but if not I will be back the week of April 22nd.


  1. Typography is totally one of my weaknesses--I go crazy when I see good type! I'm in a typography class right now so i'm learning the ins and the outs, prob something you've already done or would enjoy doing!

    thanks for sharing ;)


    1. Hi Cortney - thanks for stopping by! That's amazing you are taking a typography class - I would definitely love to take a class on typography some time in the future. I actually have never taken a class - I am just sort of learning on my own as I go. I guess you could say it's more of a hobby for me for now, but I would definitely love to learn more in a class room setting. Hope you enjoy your class and I hope to share some more neat fonts here so hope you will stop by! :)