My typography addiction began very slowly.  Last year I discovered the blog Pugly Pixel, and it became a daily read for me.  Katrina uses so many amazing fonts in her blog posts, and she always seems to know just the right font to use to best suit her images on her blog.  She also has an affinity for Futura, which is also one of my favourite fonts.  When I decided to start my own blog I began thinking about how I wanted it to look in terms of layout and fonts I wanted to use in the template.  I started occasionally perusing font websites, bookmarking unique and beautiful fonts here and there as possibilities to use on my blog.  Occasionally I'd download a free font if I found a free one to my liking.  It was really only a once in a while kind of thing, so I saw no harm in indulging a little, on occasion.  But, then it quickly moved into font purchasing...and one night, as I reached for my credit card at 2 am, I realized that this passing interest had changed to a full blown addiction.  When I'm browsing font websites the hours seem to pass by like minutes as I search and search through various font websites looking for my next fix.  It's amazing how much time I can waste spend browsing through various font sites and adding new gems to my collection.  Okay, all joking aside, I really enjoy learning about typography.  I'm gradually experimenting with using fonts in my blog post images, and I hope to show case a variety of fonts that I fancy in this blog series called "Addicted to Typography."

I was looking for a retro-ish script font to go with this photo of Elizabeth Taylor that I came across.  This photo was taken on the set of Butterfield 8 - the movie that earned Ms. Taylor her first Academy Award.  Isn't she stunning?  I will admit that I've only seen part of Butterfield 8 so now I'm thinking I have to sit down one day and watch the whole movie.  Anyways, I wanted to find a font to compliment this photo of Ms. Taylor and I stumbled upon Southern Aire - A handwritten, script font that I thought would go nicely.  Best of all, Southern Aire can be downloaded for free (for personal use) from Font Space.  Perhaps you would like to add this font to your collection, too.  ▲

△ △ △

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